Petitions are a great way to demonstrate the strength of feeling among your support base on an issue.

Loudspeek's petition system allows you to automatically and easily create responsive petitions, complete with your own styling, which you can integrate with ease into your own website.

How it works

  1. Read the petition text
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Hit "Sign"

Key features

  • Demonstrates strength of feeling among your supporter base on an issue
  • Helps gather crucial supporter contact information
  • Automatically synchronises supporter data to your MailChimp, NationBuilder or VerticalResponse database
  • Tracks conversion rates for multiple different petition text variations

Gather your supporters with advanced petitioning.

A/B test your petition text for the most effective petitions possible. Increase your campaign's digital advertising conversion rates without increasing your ad budget using our impression-conversion tracking system, and automatically add your conversions into your campaign CRM with no manual effort.

Completion statistics from a petition
Track conversions and completions

Measure the success of your campaign's marketing with analytics covering different petition texts you choose to use. Determine the language that resonates best with your support base.

Easily embeddable

Two lines of code you copy into your website gets Loudspeek working for you on it. No fuss, just drop it in and go.

Direct connection to your database

Don't worry about multiple data stores. Your petition signatures will be synchronised automatically into your supporter database, tagged with the petition name.

A goal progress bar showing on a petition
Set a goal

Encourage your supporters to complete your petition by showing a goal number of completions. Show them the difference their signature will make.

Prompt to share automatically
Built for social sharing

Check a box, and now your petition is ready to be shared on social media with buttons automatically generated at the end. Keep your organic share rates high.

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