The time-honoured tradition of letter-writing to representatives hasn't become any less effective over the years.

With Loudspeek's write-to-rep forms, you can leverage digital technology to engage your key decision-makers on the issues that matter most to your campaign - whilst at the same time utilising and growing your own support base.

How it works

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. View and edit the template message, customised for your MP
  3. Fill in your details and hit "Send"

Key features

  • Works with MPs, MSPs, Welsh AMs or any other custom target list you provide
  • Automatically synchronises supporter data to your MailChimp, VerticalResponse or NationBuilder database
  • Tracks conversion rates for multiple different texts
  • Customisable down to the individual representative

You can make a form just like this!

Loudspeek's platform is self-service, so you can make forms without having to wait for us to help you out. But if you get stuck, we'll always be here to help! You don't need technical training, and could be up with something like this in half an hour or less.

The most customisable write-to-representative solution on the market.

With Loudspeek's unlimited grouping and custom tagging technology, you can create a form that completely changes its content for every representative your supporters will write to. Tailoring by constituency or by representative name, you can target your message like you've never targeted before - you can even write a custom email for every individual representative if you wanted!

Tags in a body template
Individualised tagging

Autogenerate personalised messages for individual constituencies or representatives with custom tagging functionality. Keep your message relevant and your statistics accurate.

Wide support

Supporting members of the Westminster Parliament as well as the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament natively, our lobbying solutions are perfect for UK campaigns.

Custom target lists

Want to write to CEOs, directors, committee members or anything else? Add a custom target list and you're away.

Advanced randomisation

Set multiple templates to be selected from randomly, and create a message that simply can't be ignored.

Custom and random subject lines
Unlimited subject lines

Customise your subject lines per representative or group of representatives - and then randomise them among the groups. Keep your decision-makers engaged, and don't let them switch off from seeing the same subject lines over and over.

Custom input fields in the form content
Supporter input fields

Prompt your supporters to customise a specific part of your message. Give instructions on how to phrase their own ideas and thoughts so your decision-makers are impacted the most.

Grouping MPs for a custom template
Custom templating

Don't just customise your templates per representative. Write entirely new ones if you'd like. Target your message as closely as you need.

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